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Rock n’ Roll is a family tradition…

Celebrating the music of Bobby Vee. “VEE sings VEE” is a tip of the hat to the Vee family musical heritage brought to you by the the Bobby Vee Family Foundation & the Bobby Vee Historical Society. Join us for an evening of electricity and music hosted by the "Prince of Twang" and Rockabilly Hall of Famer Robby Vee.

Robby with his Strings and Things Rock n’ Roll Orchestra will take you on a journey through the 60’s including stories, video and music from his father Bobby Vee’s career, video by Myron Lee of the Original American Bandstand Caravan of Stars. With a career spanning over 6 decades. Vee is one of the longest lasting teen idols and at one time Billboard Magazine considered him one of the most consistent chart makers ever with 38 Hot 100 chart hits, 10 of which hit the top 20. Classic songs including Take Good Care of My Baby, the Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Rubber Ball, Devil or Angel, Run To Him, Come Back When You Grow-up Girl, Love You More Then I Can Say and many more! Vee sings Vee picks up where the Buddy Holly Story leaves off, “The Day The Music Died”, Feb 3 Bobby Vee fills in for Holly at the Moorhead Armory and the rest is rock n’ roll history.

Robby Vee "The Prince Of Twang” was born Robert Velline named after his father Bobby Vee. He is recognized by both the American and Canadian Rockabilly Hall of Fames and has been performing his unique style of Rock-n- Roll music for years on stages across the globe. Having been on tour with the legends and architects of rock-n-roll, he has learned from, and shared credits and stages with the best, from James Burton to Carl Perkins, Albert Lee, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dion, The Righteous Brothers, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Dick Clark and his ‘Caravan of Stars Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’ and many more. As an entertainer with many studio records to his name, countless guest artist credits, and a history of extensive touring, Vee has captured the attention of audiences and respected industry professionals both Nationally and Internationally. Claude Hall, radio-TV editor of Billboard magazine writes, “If this guy had been around during the era of Elvis, he would have given Elvis a run for his money." Robby is currently touring Fairs, Festivals, Casinos and Theaters with his group “Strings and Things” including a live string section and a tribute to the golden era of rock-n-roll featuring a video and music tip of the hat to Twang Guitar and American Bandstand.

Robby Vee is part of the Alzheimers of America music community of “Artist Raising Their Voices For AFA”. Visit Alzheimers Foundation Of America:, Artist Support for more info, touring and projects AFA related. In 2015 Robby Vee has several singles being released to raise money and awareness for the AFA Community. Vee's father Bobby Vee was diagnosed with the disease resulting in his retirement from the music industry. As an outlet Robby has joined forces with AFA to help both support his father and other families that have loved ones struggling with Alzheimers.

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